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FOR TODAY Monday, February 24, 2014

Outside my window ... it's another bright sunny winter Monday. I think every Monday this February has been sunny. I forgot to write last week though (it was Family Day, here in Ontario), so I can't remember for certain. Maybe someone local will remind me. We got a dusting of snow over night. Not enough to stick to the trees, but everything looks fresh.

I am thinking ... (Scadian thoughts) Asa wrote something in her LJ about how few laurels are parents. I'm wondering how much this is an Ealdormere-specific phenomenon vs. a Society one. Granted, I don't live in Calontir, but as I mentioned to Asa, the three laurels I know best there are all parents.

I am thankful ... my husband is home. He was gone all weekend to an SCA tournament in the Midrealm with his knight.

From the kitchen... It's probably going to be Mexican Chicken tonight, my standard fall-back.

I am wearing... woah! Pretty much the same thing I was two weeks ago (Sandra, my middle school fashion consultant, would probably *facepalm* at that): flannel-lined jeans, red long-sleeved T-shirt, wedding and engagement rings, charcoal-coloured SmartWool socks, and my silver necklace & Celtic cross. I have my hair pulled back in a pony tail, which, I suppose, is a bit unusual for me these days.

I am creating... Our contributions for the gift basket for Gulf Wars need to be to Nigel & Adrielle this Saturday, so I need to sew up the Norse-style cap that theagentx embroidered, and I need to crochet up another child's "knight" cap. I (still) wish my wrists weren't bothering me so frequently. I think I exacerbated them will all the snow shoveling and ice-chipping on Friday (3 hours!) and Saturday (didn't add up how long). Other than that, I'm almost finished the inkle-woven band I started at Ard Creag two weeks ago. I'll be able to return Steve's loom to him Winter War.

I am going... It's Monday so Alexander has a swimming lesson this afternoon. Also need to do some grocery shopping and will probably pop out to Marianne's farm this afternoon for fresh eggs.

I am reading... I finished A Tale of Two Castles and I should probably write a review of it for Goodreads.

I am hoping... to work out my scheduling for Saturday. Lex has a birthday party in the morning and I was thinking of taking him to that before heading to Winter War, but I have to find out when the Privy Council meeting is, so I don't miss that. Kol just texted to say our favoured teen "event babysitter" is not coming (according to her mom), and to suggest that I drop Lex as his grandparents after the birthday party, but that's not sitting well with me, especially after Asa's post ...

I am hearing... at this moment? Mostly the humidifer running.

Around the house... I finally (with some "help" from the wee lad) got Jay's JYSK dresser put together. Yay! No more boxes sitting awkwardly in the bedroom. AND we went to IKEA a week ago last Saturday and got the stuff I need to organize the sewing/craft area. I had planned to put those together this past Saturday, but between going to the market, chipping ice, working on the dresser and archery parctice, I ran out of time.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Play with Alexander. Finish the gift basket stuff. Go skating. Go sledding. Enjoy the winter before it melts into spring. Oh, and book plane tickets to go see my folks in April.

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